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Team Members

Andrew and Abby's Closet is extremely grateful for all our Team Members!!  We know that you are incredibly valuable to the success of the sale running smoothly!


⭐ Why be a Team Member?

Team Members get to shop before ANYONE else at our exclusive Team Member Pre-Sale on Tuesday, September 3rd @ 5pm!!  

*Each Team Member will receive 1 Pre-Sale Pass for 5pm, 1 Guest Pass for 7pm, and 2 Half-off Pre-Sale Passes for Saturday @ 9am for each 4-hour time slot.  

Our Pre-Sale is held before we open to the public.  So, Team Members get the best selection!!  We do not have Team Member time slots during the Pre-Sale.  We will have outside help that is not interested in shopping at a children's sale to make it fair to all Team Members. We do not allow anyone to shop early!! 

❗ Strollers are NOT allowed at any Pre-Sales on Tuesday, September 3rd or Wednesday, September 5th ❗

Team Members come for a 4-hour time slot (can be split up into (2) 2 hour time slots if needed, just contact us prior to signing up. 

Team Members also get to shop 1st at 50% OFF SALE on Saturday @ 9am. (The public shops at 10am.)

🚫🛑 Team Members who are also Consignors, are NOT allowed to drop-off items DURING their Team Member shift.  🚫🛑

(We have scheduled a certain amount of Team Members for each shift and we rely on you during your entire shift.  You can schedule a Drop-off Appointment for immediately BEFORE or AFTER your shift, but NOT during.)

Click below to register as a Team Member:

What exactly do Team Members do?

⭐We need Team Members for all sorts of different aspects of the sale: 

helping w/set-up (setting racks and tables up, etc.)
helping during Drop-off times
helping during sale hours (straightening racks, taking tags off of sold merchandise, etc.)
❇ helping after the sale is over to sort unsold items.

We are also willing to count the following toward being a Team Member: helping with advertising, getting media coverage for the sale, etc.  We are open to other offers as well!!  Let's make a deal!!!

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