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Accepted Items:

* Fall/Winter Clothing (newborn-teen sizes)  *NO Adult Clothing* 
Teen sizes must be in-style and must be something that teenagers would wear and LESS THAN 3 YEARS OLD!  We WILL be VERY PICKY about the Teen Sections (for teen girls & teen boys) and will reject any items that are NOT for teens!!!  Teen Girls items will be limited to 75 items per Consignor, so bring your BEST!  Teen Boy items are not limited, but still need to be TEEN appropriate and be your BEST!

Children's shoes (be sure they are in GREAT condition, CLEAN!, and the right season).  Any shoes that do NOT meet the above ^^^ guidelines will be rejected.  Girl's shoes will be limited to 10 pair per Consignor, so BRING YOUR BEST! 

 Dancewear, school uniforms, Scout uniforms , etc.    

*  Pretend play, dress-up clothes and dolls    

*  Sports equipment for children


*  Christmas Outfits

*  Coats

*  Halloween Costumes

*  Toys (must include working batteries and be CLEAN)

*  Outdoor Toys-  Outdoor toys sell VERY well! (must include working batteries and be CLEAN)


*  Riding toys, bicycles, scooters, Power Wheels, wagons, etc.

*  Puzzles, books, games, (all pieces MUST be included)

*  Homeschool curriculum and aids

*  Blu-Ray and DVD movies (be sure these are child appropriate NO R Rated Movies, in working condition, and in the correct case).  NO VHS tapes will be accepted!

*  Infant accessories- diaper bags, blankets, bath seats and tubs, bath towels, etc.

Baby and children's furniture - gliders, changing tables, bassinets, non-recalled cribs, toddler beds, tables/chairs, twin beds, dressers, nightstands, etc.

*  Baby equipment -high-chairs, mamaroos, exersaucers, pack-n-plays, jumperoos, swings, baby gates, etc.

*  Feeding Accessories- high chairs, booster seats, bottles, breastfeeding accessories, etc.) ***PLEASE be sure these items are CLEAN!!!!  


*  Strollers (double, jogging, travel systems, single, umbrella, etc.)

*  Infant/child bedding, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, picture frames, wall art, mobiles, rugs, lamps, etc.

*  Outdoor play equipment (Little Tikes, Step 2, playhouses, slides, Power Wheels).  These items sell EXTREMELY WELL!!

*  Children's luggage

*  Children's dinnerware sets/utensils

*  Bed rails and safety items 

*  Video game systems/accessories/games


*  Squishmallows (but NO other stuffed animals!)

Items we will NOT accept:

* Anything that is out of date.  Out of date items will be rejected @ Drop-off.  


*  Anything the is out of season. We have a large number of consignors, and we do not have rack space for out of season clothing. It will be rejected @ Drop-off. 


 * Any clothing that smells like smoke, musty basements, any other bad smell, or has animal hair on it!  It will be rejected!  Please be considerate of those who have allergies. 


*  Any item that has a tag with a barcode that will not be able to be scanned!!!  Please be sure your barcodes are not "light" or that the ink is not running when printing your tags.  Items with tags that have barcodes that cannot be scanned, will be rejected @ Drop-off.  

 Any items with tags that are printed on paper, not cardstock. 

 Tags that have a red box around the price.  Some other sale use this method on handwritten tags. This is NOT something we use and it confuses shoppers. 


*  Expired Car seats, or that have been involved in an accident. Please call 1-800-424-9393 to find out if your seat has been re-called. All car seats have an expiration date on the bottom. Any car seat that is over 5 years old will be rejected. We will be checking all car seats!!!!!!


*  Any toys or equipment that have been re-called. Re-called toys and equipment are listed at:


 * Anything Stained, Torn, Missing buttons, or Zippers. DO NOT PLACE YOUR TAG OVER STAINS.  

WE LOOK! Anything listed above will be rejected @ Drop-off. Please save our time and yours.

 * Shoes that are dirty, overly worn (holes, overly scuffed, sole separation, etc.), or are out of season!   They will be taken off the tables, REJECTED, and automatically DONATED!  


* Shoes in Ziplock bags.  Do NOT place them in bags! 


*  NO STUFFED ANIMALS PERIOD!!! NONE! We will take any stuffed animals off of the toy table and they will be automatically donated. (We WILL accept Squishmallows, but that is ALL). 


*  NO "Happy Meal" toys (unless they are complete sets)


 * NO "Grab Bags" (Ziploc bags of random toys)


*  Toys that do not have working batteries.

*  Baby equipment that does not have working batteries.


 * Clothing that is NOT placed on hangers correctly or pants/skirts/shorts that are not pinned correctly to the hanger. (Please see example picture of how to hang and pin pants/skirts/shorts).  With the volume of shoppers that we have come thru, if your pants/skirts/shorts are not pinned correctly, they will wind up in the floor and will NOT sell!!!!!  PINNING correctly will help you make more $$$$.  We will reject improperly pinned items at drop-off so be sure to follow our instructions carefully. 

*  Anything that has been recalled!

 * NO LuLaRoe!  It does NOT sell! 

* No Adult jewelry!!  It does NOT sell!!

 *  NO Paparazzi jewelry, even children's!.  It does NOT sell!!


* NO Drop-side cribs or RECALLED cribs

*  No Potty seats, potty chairs, or diaper pails

*  NO Breast pumps (they do NOT sell due to insurance paying for them now)

 * We will reject sleepers if you bring more than 5/gender/size

 * NO MATERNITY!!  (It doesn't sell!) 

*  NO Prom dresses

*  NO scarves.  

 * No "free" diaper bags (the diaper bags that are given to you free at the doctor's office/hospital.  

*  No women's purses unless they are a name brand that a teen would carry. .  All little girl's purses will be accepted unless they are stained, torn, smelly, etc. 


 * Any items that are tagged incorrectly. You MUST follow our tagging system!! This also includes pinning instructions!


* We will NOT accept tags from any other sale. 


Items that do not have a specific description in the "Item Description" fieldItems labeled with nonspecific descriptions (such as "shirt", "pants", "sleeper") will be rejected at Drop-off and if missed, will be pulled from the sales floor if/when found during the sale, & they will not be sold. 

No Bubbles (they spill and get on other items)

No Yard Sale Stickers anywhere on the items


No Onesies or Pajamas in bags.  Hang them on clothes hangers.  They do NOT sell in bags. 


No sets of books (Unless they are an actual series like Magic Treehouse books)

No Pallet Resellers.  We want to give all of our Consignors the best possible chance to sell their items. In doing so, we must have the space to spread items out.  The clusters of duplicate items, cause issues with space. 

*Items that have tags that are over 2 sales old, will not be accepted.  (Dates are located in the bottom right corner of the Andrew and Abby's tag.)


Andrew and Abby's Closet reserves the right to refuse any item(s) @ any time!!  We will pull any items that are NOT on our list of acceptable items. We do go through the racks and tables before the pre-sale. Please save our time and yours!

**All items must be CLEAN and in working condition**  Keep in mind that freshly laundered, ironed/steamed clothes sell better!!! 

🌟 Presentation is KEY when trying to sell!! 🌟 
Make sure your items are displayed well!  Do not use trash bag or cardboard boxes to display your items. 



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