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How to Consign

Consigning with Andrew and Abby's Closet is EASY!

 Just follow these simple steps!

Step #1:  Register to Consign - Click the appropriate link above to register to consign.  You will be re-directed to pay for your consignor fee thru PayPal.
    **Consignors are only allowed to sell their own personal items under their Consignor.  We do NOT allow multiple people to sell under the same number.  ONLY 1 PERSON (SELLER) PER CONSIGNOR #.  If you are caught sharing a Consignor #, you will not be allowed to participate in future sales. 

* Be sure to also register for a Drop-off appointment *


Step #2: Please read the website instructions carefully.

Please read:  Tagging InstructionsAccepted Items, and Not Accepted Items.

Step #3: Prep Your Items

Wash, iron and hang your items neatly. See all the tagging instructions for help preparing your items for consignment. And remember presentation is EVERYTHING when consigning!

Step #4: Check for Recalls!

You must CHECK FOR RECALLS.  Click here to check for Recalls.  We will NOT accept any items that have been recalled!!

Step #5: Enter your items online

All items are priced and tagged by you the consignor using our consignment software program. You can enter your items by logging in using the "Item Entry and Tag Printing" button, then go to "Work with your consigned items" link. 

Helpful Hints:   

📌 Tagging does go a LOT faster if you have your items divided by category and size before entering them!!  

📌  Definitely keep items in the same order as when you enter them, so that it will be easy to match them up once the tags are printed. 

📌  You can SPEAK your items into our online tagging system!  It is super easy and WAY faster than typing them in!!  To use this feature, when logging in to enter items, select 'Add Items', then click 'Mobile Voice Entry'.  We have used this for that last several seasons and LOVE it!!  (Be careful though, it does tend to put weird words in because of our East TN accents! LOL!) 

📌  You can enter items from the time you register through THURSDAY, August 29th @11:59pm. 

The time for entering merchandise will close promptly @ 11:59pm on August 29th! Anything that has not been entered will NOT be able to be sold in the event. You will still have access to print tags, so if you are in any type of time crunch, input your merchandise first! Do NOT change prices after printing tags, if this is done, we will give the shopper and you the lower price. If you are choosing to CLEAN OUT those closets be sure to check the DISCOUNT option. We all love a great bargain and we offer an "almost everything" half off day. If your merchandise is still available on Saturday, discounting is a great way to get it sold! We would love to provide you with a nice big check instead of a handful of unsold items. Most of our 1/2 off shoppers on Saturday will only buy items that are marked for 1/2 off and will NOT purchase full price items. Be sure to check "Donate" if you would like any unsold items to go to the TLC Community Center.    


Step #6: Print and attach your tags

Tags should be printed on white CARD STOCK paper. Please do not print them on plain computer paper, NO EXEPTIONS.
** Tags MUST be attached to clothing on the upper RIGHT-hand side of the clothing (when facing the front of the piece of clothing.  Item must be placed on the hanger with the hanger hook facing the LEFT.  The hanger should look like a QUESTION MARK "?".**


Attach your tags with safety pins.  Pin the safety pins HORIZONTALLY and for added security (optional), you can place a small piece of packing tape over your safety pin to keep the tag attached.

Step #7:  Bring your items to Andrew and Abby's Closet

Please see the Drop-off & Pick-up pages for detailed information.

Step #8: Shop the Pre-sale & Shop 1/2 off Early

The consignor presale will be held on Tuesday, September 3rd @ 7pm. You must wear the appropriate wristband to enter the pre-sale.  As a consignor, you can also shop the ½ off sale on Saturday, September 7th @ 9am.   The ½ off sale opens to the public at 10am.

Step #9: Sit back and relax and watch your $$ GROW!

You DO NOT have to be present during the sale!  You will be able to track your sales online throughout the sale!  We update your sales late every night/early the next morning!

Step# 10: Pick-up your unsold items (or donate them)
*Checks will be sent as Echecks, so no need to pick them up!

Consignor profit is 70% and Echecks are available on Pick-up day!! Traditional consignment shops only give you 50% and they decide if your items will be discounted. There is a consignor fee to consign and this fee is paid upfront ($8 early bird, $10 regular).  This fee helps with the cost of rent, utilities, advertising and supplies associated with holding the sale each season. If you choose to donate all your unsold items, your check can be mailed to you within 1 week.  You must email us to let us know to mail your check and confirm your address. Pick-up is Tuesday, September 10th from 12pm-7pm. Any items NOT picked up by 7pm will be donated.

Andrew and Abby's Closet reserves the right to reject any items.  Any items that are rejected will be automatically donated if not picked up from the reject rack during Drop-off.

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