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Drop-off Instructions:

Consignors MUST sign up for a Drop-off appointment.  

Appointments will be available every hour during Drop-off times. 

You MUST arrive at the beginning of your appointment.

Drop-off will be:

Saturday, February 25th: 12pm-7pm

Sunday, February 26tg:  9am-7pm

1. The first thing you will need to do is sign-in @ the check-out table.   This is required before bringing any items in.

2.  Please allow @ least 30 minutes for drop- off, possibly more depending on the # of items you are bringing. We check in clothing items, and will reject any items that have stains, holes, etc.  We ask that you wait until all clothing has been checked before you leave. You MUST take any items that we do not accept.  Rejected items will be on the "Reject Rack" by the door. 

3. After signing in, bring clothing in first and place on racks at the front of the building.  We will look through the clothing to check for stains, holes, out of date clothing, and out of season clothing. 

Upon arrival you will need to have all clothing 

grouped according to size and gender.  Example:  group all of your girls 3t's 

 together, boys 2t's together, and all of your maternity together.

** Group items at HOME, BEFORE you arrive.  Do not take a clothing rack or racks outside and tie them up sorting your items for an hour.  This is unfair to other consignors who have followed the rules and are standing inside waiting for clothing racks.

4. You will need to bring in your other items- toys, shoes, baby equipment, furniture, books, etc. while we are checking the clothing.  Any larger items like swings, highchairs, bicycles, etc. will need a SECURITY TAG.  A SECURITY TAG station will be set up at the end of the 1st row of girls' clothing racks.  Consignors will need to place the items in the appropriate spot (do NOT leave your items at the table for the Team Members who are sitting at the tables to put out.  They are there to help fill out the Security Tags, NOT place your items). Each section will be clearly labeled.  If you need help moving something or can't find where to put the items, the Team Members will be happy to assist you.  **All furniture MUST be fully assembled by the consignor (this includes cribs, and beds, they will NOT sell if not put together.  Pack-and-plays must be set up by the consignor.

5. Be sure to check the reject rack before you leave for any items that have been rejected.  Any items that are rejected and not taken home at drop-off will be donated. Please do not be offended if we reject any of your items.  We understand that it is easy to miss a spot or tear when preparing your items @ home.

6. Be sure that you go back to the Check-in table AFTER you have dropped off ALL your items to pick up your Pre-Sale passes.  Make sure you have the proper wrist band to get into the Pre-sale before you leave from dropping off!! :)


Pick-Up: will be on Tuesday, March 7th: 


 Checks will NOT be given out at Pick-up.  ALL CHECKS WILL BE SENT AS AN ECheck. 

ALL EARNINGS CHECKS WILL BE EMAILED to the email address on your Consignor account. BE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT!! NO CHECKS will be available at unsold item pick-ups. We highly encourage you to donate unsold items and skip pick-ups all together. Again, if you plan to NOT pick-up unsold items, *please* save us the time of re-sorting those unsold items as DONATE!. 

1. You will park your car and come in to pick up any unsold items (unless you choose to donate all unsold items). You are the only person that can pick up your item, other than your husband or someone that you have notified us about (by EMAIL ONLY, not by text, not by Facebook).  If at all possible, have the person bring a print out of the email that you send to us letting us know that they are picking up for you and THEY WILL NEED TO KNOW YOUR CONSIGNOR #.   EVERYONE picking up MUST show their id.  This is for your protection.

2. All unsold consignor items will be in order by consignor number and grouped for easy pickup. There may be more than 1 pickup station, so be sure you double check all pickup stations! A volunteer will escort you to your unsold items. 

3. Please check our "Missing Tags" area to be sure none of the items are yours. 

4. Consignors have the option to donate unsold items.  

  Please make EVERY EFFORT to pick up your items yourself!!

When you send a friend or husband, they do not know your items and more times than not, some of your items will get left behind! 

Andrew and Abby's Closet will NOT be responsible for items left behind.

Please double check all items are yours in your bundle.

We try to be diligent to make sure everything is correct, but sometimes mistakes are made and an item not belonging to you gets put in your stack. We make every effort to get all items to their rightful owner. 

Andrew and Abby's Closet is NOT responsible for missing items. 

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