Tagging Instructions

Supplies needed:

 Card stock paper (white) Do NOT use shiny or pearlized card stock.  The barcodes will NOT scan on these. 

 Zip ties (smaller ones)

 Safety pins

 Adult- or child-sized wire hangers (preferred)

 Ziploc plastic storage bags (gallon- and quart-sized)

 Clear packing tape


 Easy-Release Blue Painter's Tape for tagging tags to books, boxes, etc.

 Magic Eraser

 Clorox wipes or baby wipes (to clean your items- clean items SELL, dirty items do NOT sell) 

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plastic hanger.jpg

These types of hanger (hanger pictured to the left) are NOT ALLOWED!  Due to the large amount of shoppers we have come through each season, they break and the clothing winds up on the floor.  

** Also, baby size hangers are NOT allowed for any clothing items over size 24 months.  

Plastic hangers of any type DO NOT typically hold up during the entire event.  We will accept them (the thick, tubular kind), but know that your clothing may wind of on the floor due to the hanger snapping.  Wire hangers are BEST! :)  


Tags MUST be attached with safety pins.  

We DO NOT allow tagging guns to be used. 

We have allowed them to be used in the past, but due to them causing large holes in the clothing, tags being placed in the wrong place on the clothing, and tags attached with tagging guns wind up falling off and in the floor we are NO LONGER ALLOWING TAGGING GUNS TO BE USED! 

Helpful Hints:   

~ Tagging does go a LOT faster if you have your items divided by category and size before entering them!!  

~ Definitely, keep items in the same order as when you enter them, so that it will be easy to match them up once the tags are printed. 

~ You can SPEAK your items into our online tagging system!  It is super easy and WAY faster than typing them in!!  To use this feature, when logging in to enter items, select 'Add Items', then click 'Mobile Voice Entry'.  We have used this for that last several seasons and LOVE it!!  (Be careful though, it does tend to put weird words in because of our East TN accents! LOL!) 

* When entering kids clothing (both boys and girls) you MUST enter a NUMBER Size and NOT select Jr. XS, Jr. S, Jr. M, Jr. L, Jr. XL.  These Jr. sizes are for TEEN clothing ONLY and your childrens clothing WILL NOT SELL if you put these sizes on them, because they will be hung in the teen section and parents looking for little girl or boy size 8, 10, 12, 14, etc. are NOT looking in the teen section, they are looking in the size 8, 10, 12, 14.  

Here is a number sizing chart to use for CHILDREN'S Clothing if the tag in the clothing is labeled XS, S, M, L, XL: 

Children's Clothing:

You MUST enter a number size!

Child XS= 4/5

Child S= 6/6x

Child M= 7/8

Child L= 10/12

Child XL= 14/16/18/20

These Jr. sizes are for TEEN clothing ONLY and your childrens clothing WILL NOT SELL if you put these sizes on them, because they will be hung in the teen section.

Teen Clothing:

Junior Girls:
Jr. XS= 0, 1, 2

Jr. S= 3, 4, 5

Jr. M= 6, 7, 8

Jr. L= 9, 10, 11

Jr. XL= 12 & up

Teen Boys: 

Pant waist sizes= 

Jr. XS= 27-28

Jr. S= 29-31

Jr. M= 32-34

Jr. L= 36-38

Jr. XL= 40+

Refer to the pictures below as resources for hanging, pinning, & tagging!


  1. USE ONLY WHITE CARDSTOCK TO PRINT TAGS! Your printer MUST be set to Black and white! If your ink is bleeding the scanner will not read the barcode! Do NOT use shiny or pearlized card stock.  The barcodes will NOT scan on these.


  1. Do not reduce the size of the tags to get more tags/page, the scanner will not be able to read the barcode. It should print 6 tags per sheet of cardstock. 


  1. Pin the tag to the upper right-hand side of the clothing, using a single safety pin (NO LITTLE GOLD SAFETY PINS) 


   * Do NOT pin shirts on hangers!!  Shirts MUST be placed ON (over)the 

      hanger, then if you need to pin it to secure it to the hanger, that is          fine.  Small zip ties work GREAT for securing tank tops, sleeveless   dresses, overalls, girl's swim suits, etc. to the hanger!!

   * Do NOT pin shirts to the front or back of pants/skirts/shorts, etc.

      Shirts MUST be placed ON (over) the hanger. 

   * Do NOT pin shorts/pants/skirts to the back or front of shirts.  
      Shorts/pants/skirts must be pinned directly to the hanger. 

~ When items are pinned to other clothing and NOT to or on the hanger, the pressure from the shoppers looking through the clothes, causes the pins to pull holes in the clothing that is pinned to other clothing. Items NOT pinned correctly WILL BE REJECTED! 


  1. Packing Tape is recommended for attaching tags to items other than clothing (toys, dvds, baby equipment, etc.). Painters' Tape works very well on books and puzzles!!!  Packing tape sometimes messes up books, puzzles and packaging. Do NOT tape over the barcode!  For larger items (bikes, swings, playhouses, etc.) At drop-off, your tag will be removed from your item and joined with a Large Item Security Tag, which will then be zip-tied back on your item.  Please take all large items to the Security Tag Table at Drop-off.  The Security Tag Table will be located at the end of the 1st row of girls' clothing racks.  


  1. Place loose pieces to toys in a Ziploc bag & tape the bag shut (to keep out little fingers).  If there is a larger piece, like a dollhouse, then tape the bag to the dollhouse. **Use tape or zip ties for this.** 

       ~Do NOT tape over the barcode on your tag! 


  1. All items that require batteries, must have working batteries. Only items that work sell! Items without working batteries will be REJECTED!! 


  1. Shoes- MUST BE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION and they MUST be CLEAN (no holes, no dirt/mud, no separation or loosening of the sole, NOT overly scuffed, no missing laces).  Cleats and boots must also be clean. Shoes WILL be checked after they are placed on the shoe tables, if they are rejected, they will automatically be donated.  Please, only bring your best. They must be tied in pairs by shoelaces or safety pinned together (cable or zip ties work well too), attaching the tag to the safety pin.  
    TIPS: Machine-washing & air-drying works great, and "Magic Erasers" from Wal-mart make soles look white again. 
    Shoppers can see your shoes a lot better if they are not in a Ziploc bag. ***Do NOT place shoes in Ziploc bags, they will be rejected.  


  1. When selling sets of clothing you can either place a zip tie/rubber band around several hangers or place smaller items in a Ziploc bag and attach to the hanger.  Be sure to list as a set on your seller tag. **Do NOT pin pants to the back of shirts (the pins will rip the shirts).  You can pin pants to the hanger, then place the shirt over the hanger as you would normally hang a shirt. Items not pinned correctly WILL BE REJECTED! 

10. All pants, shorts, and skirts MUST be SECURELY safety pinned to the TOP of the clothes hanger. Tilt the hanger and make sure the item does not slide down to the bottom of the hanger. Clothing that is NOT pinned correctly to the TOP of the hanger, will be REJECTED! 


11.All onesies (onesies that are intended to be worn as an undershirt) should be placed in Ziploc bags, unless they were intended to be worn outwardly as a shirt. 


12. If you are in need of hangers contact your local dry cleaners.  They will usually give you metal hangers for free!! 


13. Upon arrival you will need to have all clothing grouped according to size and gender.  Example:  group all of your girls 3t's together, boys 2t's together, etc.  


14. When making your tags you will have the option to select to donate your unsold items!   

We donate all donated items to TLC Community Center. They do NOT sell the donated items, they are given freely to those in need!! 


15. Our 1/2 off Sale will be Sat. from 10am-5pm. If you do not want your item sold for 1/2 off leave the discount option blank when making your tags. Your item will still be available during the 1/2 off sale, but will NOT be sold for 1/2 off.  Please consider marking your items to be sold for ½ OFF! MOST of our shoppers that come to the ½ Off Sale, will NOT purchase items on that day that are NOT marked ½ Off.  


16.  All items MUST be priced in $1 increments!!  If you have an item that is not worth $1 please place it in a set with something else!! 


17. All items must be tagged according to our tagging guidelines.  


18. We will NOT accept tags from other consignment sales 


19.  When tagging baby clothing, if the tag says "3 months" please select "0-3"months.  If the tag says "6 months", select "3-6 months", etc.   

Always go with the lower size 


20. Do NOT place bibs in Ziploc bags.  Bibs in Ziploc bags WILL BE REJECTED! Do NOT hang them on hangers. We have a rack that bibs will be clipped to.  

21.  Picture yourself at Pick-up carrying all those out-grown items you spent time tagging back to your car? Not fun, huh? Want a better experience? Price REASONABLY, and you will get a larger check & have less to take home!!!  
Pricing tips:  
-When pricing, ask yourself, 'What would I pay for this'.  
-If it has not sold after 4 days of full-price shopping, then it probably will not sell at all, unless you let it go for ½ OFF, so LET IT GO FOR ½!!  Most shoppers on ½ Off day will NOT buy full price items!  
-Make sure you price bargain brands (like Garanimals, Faded Glory, Sonoma, Child of Mine, Circo & Cherokee) for no more than $1 per piece!  
-Remember that because of the large volume of infant clothing we get each season, you MUST price these sizes very reasonably and competitively ($1-4 for almost all items under size 12 months!).  

** Do NOT place more than 1 tag on an item.  Any items found with more than 1 tag (this includes tags from other sales left on or placed under the tag from our sale), will be take off the sales floor, and your check will NOT be ready at Pick-up as we will have to double check all your sold inventory.  

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