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Tagging Instructions:

Supplies needed:

 Card stock paper (white)

 Zip ties (smaller ones)

 Safety pins

 Adult- or child-sized wire hangers (preferred)

 Ziploc plastic storage bags (gallon- and quart-sized)

 Clear packing tape


 Easy-Release Blue Painter's Tape –for tagging tags to books, boxes, etc.


**USE ONLY CARDSTOCK TO PRINT TAGS! Your printer MUST be set to Black and white! If your ink is bleeding the scanner will not read the barcode!


*Do not reduce the size of the tags to get more tags/page, the scanner will not be able to read the barcode. It should print 6 tags per sheet of cardstock.


* Pin the tag to the upper right hand side of the clothing, using a single safety pin (NO LITTLE GOLD SAFETY PINS)


**Be sure the clothes hanger is facing left.  It should look like a question mark (?)


Packing Tape is recommended for attaching tags to items other than clothing (toys, dvds, baby equipment,etc.). Painters' Tape works very well on books and puzzles!!!  Packing tape sometimes messes up books, puzzles and packaging. Do NOT tape over the barcode!  For larger items (bikes, swings, playhouses, etc.) At drop-off, your tag will be removed from your item and joined with a Large Item Security Tag, which will then be zip-tied back on your item.  Please take all large items to the Security Tag Table at Drop-off.  The Security Tag Table will be located beside the Check-in Table.


**Place loose pieces to toys in a ziploc bag &  tape the bag shut (to keep out little fingers).  If there is a larger piece, like a dollhouse, then tape the bag to the dollhoue. **Use packing tape  for this.**

Do NOT tape over the barcode on your tag!


*  All items that require batteries, must have working batteries. Only items that work sell! Items without working batteries will be REJECTED!!


* Shoes- MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION! and they MUST be CLEAN!!They must be tied in pairs by shoelaces or safety pinned together(cable or zip ties work well too), attaching the tag to the safety pin.  Shoppers can see your shoes a lot better if they are not in a ziploc bag. ***Do NOT place shoes in ziploc bags!!!



* When selling sets of clothing you can either place a rubber band around several hangers or place smaller items in a ziploc bag and attach to the hanger.  Be sure to list as a set on your seller tag.




   ** All pants, shorts, and skirts MUST be safety pinned to the TOP of the clothes hanger **



All onesies (onesies that are intended to be worn as an undershirt) should be placed in ziploc bags, unless they were inteded to be worn outwardly as a shirt.


 If you are in need of hangers contact your local dry cleaners.  They will usually give you metal hangers for free!!


 Upon arrival you will need to have all clothing grouped according to size and gender.  Example:  group all of your girls 3t's  together, boys 2t's together, and all of your maternity together. 


When making your tags you will have the option to select to donate your unsold items!  (*All unsold maternity items will automatically be donated, whether they are marked or not.)


  We donate all donated items to the Abortion Alternatives Crisis Pregnancy Center  in Bristol. They do NOT sell the donated items, they are given freely to those in need!!


1/2 off will be Sat. from 1-5pm. If you do not want your item sold for 1/2 off leave the discount option blank when making your tags. Your item will still be available during the 1/2 off sale, but will NOT be sold for 1/2 off.


**All items MUST be priced in $1 increments!!  If you have an item that is not worth $1 please place it in a set with something else!!


All items must be tagged according to our tagging guidlines. 


 **We will NOT accept tags from other consignment sales**


When tagging baby clothing, if the tag says "3 months" please select "0-3"months.  If the tag says "6 months", select "3-6 months", etc.  

Always go with the lower size


Do NOT place bibs in Ziploc bags.  Bibs in Ziploc bags WILL BE REJECTED!