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Pick-Up: will be on Tuesday, Sept.15th: 



1. You will park your car and come in and pick up your check. You are the only person that can pick up your check, other than your husband or someone that you have notified us about (by EMAIL).  If at all possible, have the person bring a print out of the email that you send to us letting us know that they are picking up for you and THEY WILL NEED TO KNOW YOUR CONSIGNOR #.   EVERYONE picking up MUST show their id.  This is for your protection.


2. All unsold consignor items will be in order by consignor number and grouped for easy pickup. There may be more than 1 pickup station, so be sure you double check all pickup stations! A volunteer will escort you to your unsold items. 


3. Please check our "Missing Tags" area to be sure none of the items are yours. 


4. Consignors have the option to donate unsold items.  If you choose to donate all unsold items and wish to have your check mailed, you MUST email us and let us know (not Facebook, text, etc.)  We will mail checks within 7 days provided that you have emailed a request to have your check mailed and given us an address to mail it to.

  Please make EVERY EFFORT to pick up your items yourself!!

When you send a friend or husband, they do not know your items and more times than not, some of your items will get left behind! 

Andrew and Abby's Closet will NOT be responsible for items left behind.

Please double check all items are yours in your bundle.

We try to be diligent to make sure everything is correct, but sometimes mistakes are made and an item not belonging to you gets put in your stack. We make every effort to get all items to their rightful owner. 

Andrew and Abby's Closet is NOT responsible for missing items.