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Drop-off Instructions:

Drop-off will be:

Saturday, August 31st: 2pm-7pm

Sunday, September 1st:  9am-7pm


1. The first thing you will need to do is sign-in @ the check-out table.   This is required before bringing any items in.


2.  Please allow @ least 30 minutes for drop- off, possibly more depending on the # of items you are bringing. We check in clothing items, and will reject any items that have stains, holes, etc.  We ask that you wait until all clothing has been checked before you leave. You MUST take any items that we do not accept.  Rejected items will be on the "Reject Rack" by the door. Keep in mind that lunch times & evenings are usually the busiest times especially the last 3 hours of the final drop-off day.


3. After signing in, bring clothing in first and place on racks at the front of the building.  We will look through the clothing to check for stains, holes, out of date clothing, and out of season clothing. 

Upon arrival you will need to have all clothing 

grouped according to size and gender.  Example:  group all of your girls 3t's 

 together, boys 2t's together, and all of your maternity together.


4. You will need to bring in your other items- toys, shoes, baby equipment, furniture, books, etc. while we are checking the clothing.  Any larger items like swings, high chairs, bicycles, etc. will need a SECURITY TAG.  A SECURITY TAG station will be set up at the end of the 1st row of girls' clothing racks.  You will need to place the items in the appropriate spot. Each section will be clearly labeled.  We will have volunteers to help place your items in their correct locations as well.  **All furniture MUST be fully assembled by the consignor (this includes cribs, and beds, they will NOT sell if not put together.  Pack-and-plays must be set up by the consignor.


5. Be sure to check the reject rack before you leave for any items that have been rejected.  Any items that are rejected and not taken home at drop-off will be donated. Please do not be offended if we reject any of your items.  We understand that it is easy to miss a spot or tear when preparing your items @ home.


6. Be sure that you have the proper wrist band to get in to the pre-sale before you leave from dropping off!! :)