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COVID has brought many changes for many people in many ways. For our Fall 2020 and our Spring 2021 Andrew and Abby's Closet Children's Consignment Sales we implemented many changes, and for the Fall 2021 there will be changes as well.

However, this need for change has brought us to several decisions that we feel you all will LOVE…like less crowded Drop-offs, less crowded Pre-Sale shopping, a faster check-out process, and no need to come to Pick-up!

As always, it is our goal to help our community bring down the cost of growing kids, and although it may look a little different this fall, we will do whatever is necessary to stay in compliance with health department and state guidelines and continue bringing the savings that so many families have to come to depend upon. So now, on to the changes for Fall 2021 (some of these were implemented in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 as well)!

The list is kinda long, but PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY ​so you don't miss anything important!!


Any mask-wearing requirements for shoppers during the sale will follow whatever mandates are set forth by the county at that time.  

For this fall sale, we will be limiting the number of people in the building to allow for ample social distancing. We think you'll LOVE the less-crowded shopping! Once we are at full capacity, you will be asked to wait outside until someone leaves. PLEASE, whenever possible, do not bring extra family members with you, to help with our limited capacity and shorter wait times!
*Please understand that there may be times (likely between 10am-noon each day) where you may have to wait for entry. Feel free to bring a lawn chair & your favorite drink, and we'll do our best to keep you comfortable and social distanced as you wait! Or if you prefer no wait, you may wish to plan your shopping for the afternoon/evening.

We will have our big blue shopping bags available for use and will be sanitizing them between each use, however, we recommend that you bring your own shopping bag/tote. :) 

There will be many processes to ensure our event is safe according to health guidelines.
A. We will be limiting the amount of people in the building to ensure ample social distancing.
B. There will be hand sanitizer provided at every entry & exit, as well as at check-out.
C. There will be frequent sanitization of commonly used areas such as check-out.
D. Our Team Members will wear masks (if there is a mask mandate in place during our sale) and have temperature checks at the beginning of their shift.
E. Per the CDC, coronavirus naturally dies on most surfaces & objects between a few hours to 3 days, and our schedule allows for multiple days between Drop-off & shopping, which should add to your shopping comfort & confidence in buying.


Consignors will receive 2 wristbands for entry into our Consignor Pre-Sale, one for them and one for a guest. In the past, we have not counted husbands or children as guests, however, this will no longer be the case. In order for us to keep the numbers down to allow all Consignors a fair chance to shop, each person, no matter their age, will be required to WEAR A WRISTBAND ON THEIR WRIST (not on your shopping bag, purse, or just hold it up as you enter). If you must bring a child as your guest, they must wear a wristband and they will be REQUIRED to STAY WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! Keep in mind we do NOT allow any strollers on Consignor Pre-Sale night. If we reach capacity, entry will be one-in-one out as capacity allows.


For this fall sale, all consignors will be REQUIRED to sign up for a Drop-off Appointment. We have an organized, efficient process for this, but we appreciate your patience as we work out any kinks in this brand-new process. In order to make this process organized & efficient, we need you to be organized & prepared when you come to drop-off. Here are the guidelines each consignor will need to adhere to:


With our new Drop-off appointment process, each Consignor MUST be sure to arrive on time (at the beginning of the appointment time, NOT the end). Drop-off appointment REGISTRATIONS are NOW OPEN on our website. Click here to be taken directly to that page and click the blue box labeled "Schedule Drop-Off Appointment". We anticipate that popular Drop-off appointment times will fill very quickly, so please reserve yours right away! Every consignor MUST have an appointment, and drop-offs will not be accepted without an appointment time. Having Drop-off Appointments will allow us to only have a few Consignors at a time dropping off which will allow us to socially distance at the front of the building where clothing is being checked, at the security tag table, and all throughout the building as items are being put on the sales floor.


ALL CHECKS WILL BE SENT AS AN ECheck (the same way they were sent this past fall). 

In an effort to create less interaction and more social distancing, ALL EARNINGS CHECKS WILL BE EMAILED to the email address on the Consignor’s account. BE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT!! NO CHECKS will be available at unsold item pick-ups. We highly encourage you to donate unsold items and skip pick-ups all together, but as always you are welcome to pick up any unsold items. Again, if you plan to NOT pick-up unsold items, please save us the time of re-sorting those unsold items and mark them as DONATE!. And remember, it’s always better to also let them go for ½ price if you plan to donate.

We apologize for the long list of changes, but it is important for us to implement processes that will allow us to continue bringing the sale to our community. It may look a little different this time around, but we'll all get through this together! And hopefully after it's all said and done, you'll LOVE some of these new and improved changes, and maybe even want some of them to stick around!